Title: Tinsel
created on 19 Sep 10

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Comments on this picture (15):
1. Angela wrote:
 Stunning! as is your gallery. I can't believe I didn't see these before.
2. hanging wrote:
 Wow, ditto Angela! And this posture, title, jewelry... Great pic! Good to see you Dreamy!
3. Angela wrote:
 We are nearly neighbors! I am in SFV, Granada Hills. ;>
4. bluemoon wrote:
 great picture!
5. Hazer wrote:
 Good to see you back Dreamy! Wonderful pic!
6. Normal wrote:
 She is really tinselled up.
7. lilalee wrote:
 Magical art work you paint!!
8. Lizzi wrote:
 Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe (with clothes on). ;D Good work.
9. 56rosie wrote:
 My oh My! I just browsed through your gallery! beautiful work!
10. danila wrote:
11. karbs wrote:
 I agree with all comments this is BEAUTIFUL!!
12. polenta wrote:
 nice pic
13. Dreamy wrote:
 Thank you all for the lovely comments. Angela, my town of Antelope is in the Sacramento valley, so we may not be quite as close as you thought - but still, not that far. It's good to see you all again!
14. hjjr wrote:
 the postural attitude . . .
15. Shanley wrote:
 lovely portrait!