Title: GOL! ...NOW can you change the baby?
created on 29 Jun 10

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1. LivelyUp wrote:
 "GOL!" ..."Ahora tu puedas cambiar los panllales de la bebe?"
2. LivelyUp wrote:
 "GOAL!" ..."*Now* can you change the baby's diapers?"
3. polenta wrote:
 it's PA√ĎALES (diapers)This is funny!!! And probably a real situation many, many times. And the LCD is BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is really enjoying!
4. LivelyUp wrote:
 oh yes, 'panales' - that's what i get for asking mi esposo how to spell in Espanol... WHILE he was watching futbol! (ha ha ha)
5. mdawrcn wrote:
 This is funny.
6. skynyrd wrote:
 nice results
7. mum23 wrote:
 Very funny!
8. polenta wrote:
 LOL livelyUp!!
9. suzytron wrote:
 great living room!
10. danila wrote:
 lol..funny and much real....
11. clorophilla wrote:
 LoL! I missed this... very realistic!
12. kmkagle wrote:
 Very nice! Good colors.

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