Title: A to Z for playback 34 more pics to go
created on 28 Jun 10

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1. mekeys wrote:
 I see I left out a couple of letters oh well.I was only trying to make PB last a little longer..STILL PLAYS BACK TOOOOO FAST !!!!
2. mekeys wrote:
 At least you can see what I was trying to do..
3. ross wrote:
4. ross wrote:
5. danila wrote:
 oh Mekeys..you can always find something amazing and so entertaining..
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is indeed entertaining.
7. indigo wrote:
 YEP! It was good and a lot of work!
8. 12donuts wrote:
 Nice one!
9. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks for all your comments..
10. mekeys wrote:
 You probably don't have any idea how many brown squares this took..A LOT..
11. nasonaso wrote:
 very good work , nice idea
12. Janb wrote:
 Delightful Mekeys :)
13. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks again..
14. lalitha wrote:
 very good idea though the playback is little fast but my son enjoyed it and was reciting all the alphabets
15. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks for your comment lalitha..I hope you meant PB was a little too short,,because to make it go slower would take all day to do..
16. suzytron wrote:
 wonderful, mekeys!!!
17. biddaphun wrote:
 I like all your pictures a lot! I can't wait to see the other 34 pictures!
18. mekeys wrote:
 Thanks again for your comments..