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created on 03 Jun 10

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1. methinks wrote:
 Heidi, I think someone gave that creature too much caffeine! It sure is cute, though!
2. polenta wrote:
 long time, no see. Glad you are back.This creature really has a GOOD DENSTIST. LOL
3. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Hello all, hope all is well. I will try to come back every now and then. I am peeking in and voting when time allows. I cannot believe some of the fabulous pieces being created.
4. polenta wrote:
 Why only now and then? We would like to see more often.
5. methinks wrote:
 Hi! Aren't they incredible!? That self portrait forum has brought out some incredible skill in several artists here.
6. brigsis wrote:
7. clorophilla wrote:
 ...and here you are with this Mad Mask! Hope it's all ok for you Heidi, and draw often!
8. danila wrote:
 nice and funny pic...Nice to see you back..
9. indigo wrote:
 I keep coming back to this pic...it reminds me of The Beatles Yellow Submarine animation...kind of like a Blue Meanie...
10. PatGJ wrote:
 Toothpaste advert??? love it!
11. PatGJ wrote:
 ps ... you have produced some great artwork and deserve loads more votes than given ...
12. marius wrote:
 LOL! Love this!
13. Hazer wrote:
 Hi Heidi...want to thank you for your comment and expression of sympathy for me and my family.
14. Shanley wrote:
 happy birthday Heidi! hope you're having a wonderful time!
15. indigo wrote:
16. Doug wrote:
 Happy Birthday! Where ya' been?
17. lalitha wrote:
 happy bday,we miss u and ur drawings
18. inked_gemini wrote:
 Happy birthday Heidi. Hope it's a great one.
19. lilalee wrote:
20. lilalee wrote:
21. polenta wrote:
 Where have you been. Saw you in the Forum today. We would like to see your art Heidi
22. clorophilla wrote:
 Hi Heidi, thank for voting and I'm hoping to see your pics soon! I'm missing you!
23. 12donuts wrote:
 That face looks a lot like Garfield!
24. fr3kl3 wrote:
 its like the chesire cat underwater

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