Title: don't feel like doing anything. lazy me
created on 27 May 10

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. lilalee wrote:
 Lazy you looks so good!!
2. malini wrote:
 OK ,I should also not disturb u.:):)
3. kernowman wrote:
 that will do me with a ice chilled pint of cider...great picture.
4. surekha wrote:
 mmmmm laze around for a while. cool pic.
5. Shanley wrote:
 lol, this is really sweet. love that sun and the lazyness feeling
6. pinkie wrote:
 Very good sun-fun picture!
7. marg wrote:
 I wanna be her.. that just looks soooooo good !. (oh.. and BTW, yufie.. that hat is excellent, as are the facila expressions !)
8. indigo wrote:
 So cute!!
9. bhughes wrote:
 Very cute
10. Login wrote:
 I've just discovered this pic. It made me smile.

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