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1. 30 Sep 2020 15:46


Maybe as a temporary and unsatisfactory non-solution, we could have a TD memorial page on facebook?
Chellyanne's "doodle #27" is TD picture #232,639—too many to rescue even if we had a vast armada of lifeboats, and anyway, that's way more than we need to preserve for posterity. But at some point when the history of the internet is studied and written, I think TD will (if some traces of our work remain) deserve at least a mention...
Can the site be kept on the net for a while longer?

I would suggest using our remaining time here to nominate pictures we'd like to have preserved as full-size high-rez images...

If 2,326 pix were preserved, that would be 1% of the total... 233 would be 0.1%... And 23 (0.01%) might be enough..

But if the total is a small number (100 or less), one consideration might be variety, the overall impression a group of pictures make collectively... Perhaps a picture might do wonders for a collection that wouldn't seem like a serious contender when seen separately.
Another consideration is subject/genre—nothing rigid but we might want to end up with at least 10-15% landscapes (X% winter, X% mountainous), 5-10% animals, X% flowers, X% portraits, 5% copies of old (or new) masters, and so on...
But the main thing is just to get a really top-notch collection of personal faves from Rachel and from those of us who are around...

This could go on forever... and/or it could go nowhere... any thoughts?

2. 8 Oct 2020 13:28


I alright had saved many of my pics years ago, the last 3 yrs I didn't find time for this but a could ty to do something.
So I can say you what of my pics (till a given time) doesn't need to be saved.
And I could help to save some of the best. I suggest to begin from top Ten and then from top five or most favourites of always. We could create a place (a shared cloud) online where save them

3. 8 Oct 2020 13:30


I wonder again if truly there aren't patches or programs to convert java scripts to save the sequences (I think to the animated pics for example) :'(

4. 8 Oct 2020 13:31


a you tube canal for these?