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1. 9 Jun 2020 13:57


Hazer mentioned (in #70 or so of the chat-boxes on a picture) she hasn't been doing any new pictures for us because her "computer has blocked Flash." I am not an expert on anything much related to computers and what follows may apply to Apple but not Microsoft operating systems.
I think the blockage is likely located in your browser rather than (or in addition to) in your computer...
I was going to advise on what I did to get Flash working again (in Safari but NOT in Chrome browser)... but now I realize I don't remember and I'm hopeless at retracing steps... I start from scratch every time I try to fix something. But I can assure you that if you don't use Chrome and if you poke around long enough in the back pages of your preference options (you might try preference for BOTH browser program and operating system) you'll probably be up and running again before too long, after the usual dead ends and wrong turns.
Anyone who is better at giving computer advice is more than welcome to improve on this.
In the long run, there's a question of whether those of us who are still around now will outlive ThinkDraw—I would say I hope not, but that doesn't sound quite right. If the Flash problems persist (I got the impression that they are almost certain to get worse and eventually insurmountable) one alternative is that a critical mass of think-drawers (whatever that might be) could pledge to maintain an old computer with an old operating system and use only obsolete browsers, and hope for the best... Another could be a long, drawn-out, ceremonious winding-down with a final farewell scheduled far enough in advance top allow time for saving pictures and exchanging names and addresses and so forth and so on...
Any thoughts?

2. 9 Jun 2020 21:10


I am even less knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but I would have thought that with the technology available today there would be something out there that would at least be comparable to Adobe Flash. I enjoy this site and all of the kind and creative people who join us, so I hope we do find a solution.

3. 21 Jun 2020 17:24


make an app