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1. 11 Jul 2018 21:41


Was wondering, will there be a Top 10 for last year? Bugoy1 and I are curious (see his inquiry in Top Ten 2016 topic). I'm sure you don't have any other thing to do but service this site. As always, think you for all you do for us, we would be lost without Think Draw!

2. 7 Aug 2018 22:26


Thank you Rachel! You are #1!

3. 8 Aug 2018 03:03


You are very welcome! Thank you for the reminder, and to everyone for their amazing drawings. Here is a link to the Top Ten for anyone looking for it:

4. 15 Aug 2018 14:06


ive seen so many profiles on TD with people who have MANY followers but don't follow anyone and it makes me sad. :'(

5. 20 Aug 2018 09:59


but i guess TD is not all about followers and stuff, its about creating beautiful pics (like my snot pics, go check'm out) and sharing them with everybody, you may think that my snot creations are stupid and immature but its really what i love and feel deeply about. I mean, where would we be without snot? and people do pics of naked people on this web for god sake!

6. 22 Aug 2018 05:27


Aaaahhh, that gives me an ideaaaaaaaaaaaa, do you think we could have a 'Bogeys' showcase?

7. 8 Oct 2019 10:48


How about the 2018 Top Ten?

8. 10 Oct 2019 12:03


Here's the Top Ten for 2018:
At the moment it is linked from the 'Top 5' at the top of the page.
The monthly Top 5 will be back soon. I think it should have less pictures overall, but don't want to upset anyone - thoughts?
Thanks, Rachel

9. 14 Oct 2019 09:09


How about basing it off of the total number of submitted works for the month? The fewer the works, the fewer the top number.

10. 15 Oct 2019 21:55


Well I'm inclined to live on hope.... no reason bugoy's students won't gradually swell the ranks again... or others may. Partly it's luck, partly judicious nudging.

(Thanks, btw, bugoy! Even as kids, yours tend to be an interestingly thoughtful lot.)
(AND... heartfelt thanks to the amazing steadfast Rachel!)

ThinkDraw has been around quite a long time by Internet standards. It archives a fascinating collection of people's work ....words as well as pictures.

Newcomers can learn a lot, trolling back back through ANY forum... Google regularly dishes up links to material dating back 10... 15... 20 years!
(...yesss.... I regularly find myself happily lost in the labyrinths........)

Point..? Oh.... (nod... (yes I had one...!)) ...
Once a data pattern has become established, it's frustrating/disheartening to find it shifting like desert sands.

So, imnsho, comparison bases here should continue as is, adding only more palettes if/when......


11. 25 Oct 2019 15:54


I love your optimism, Qsilv!

This is too precious and rare of an internet destination to see it dwindle away. Trolls dominate so many of the larger sites. This has remained a bastion of support and genuine kindness.

12. 26 Oct 2019 13:25


I definitely agree with both of you! And more palettes would be great!

13. 3 Nov 2019 18:38


Totally agree.. and I think we should try to get a load of the old members active again

Let me think of ways ...