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1. 7 Aug 2017 08:38


noting that the new showcase is not yet set, may I give a suggestion?
In this very hot summer, whilst so large areas in so many places are burning for arsons, I'd like to draw about "fire", with a special care to prevent blazes...

2. 8 Aug 2017 04:51


Sounds good... did we ever have a fire a showcase? Even if so, we could use a variation on that theme.

3. 8 Aug 2017 09:49


Done! Sorry there was such a long delay before this showcase. Any other suggestions would be very welcome, thanks.

4. 8 Aug 2017 13:28


thank you Rachel!

5. 13 Aug 2017 01:53


Powerful showcase recommendation! I've seen automatic street lights come on midday from all of the smoke of California's past fires. Far to many good people have lost everything! CAL. FIRE was able to stop the Laguna Beach fire just four houses away from my in-laws home.

6. 26 Aug 2017 16:11


I loved the "fire" showcase suggested by clorophilla. If you are still kicking around ideas for the next showcase, I would like to recommend a "wild" theme--it might have possibilities (wild animals, wild flowers, wild hair, etc.).

7. 6 Sep 2017 04:37


Sure - the 'wild' showcase will start on September 13. Thanks!

8. 30 Sep 2017 08:55


Hiya, Rachel.. long time, no speak.. I was just wondering whether anyone would fancy a 'Japan' showcase ?

Hope you're well and I'd dearly love to find some time to play on TD again soon

9. 30 Sep 2017 16:38


Hey if it'll entice marg back, I'll absolutely conjure up something --or a couple somethings-- for a Japan showcase!

Then, speaking of conjuring, for late October, how about a Dia de Muertes theme? Have we ever played with that one? Besides being delightfully Halloween-y, the patterns alone are scrumptious!


10. 3 Oct 2017 03:01


Done - Japan and Day of the Dead coming up.


11. 1 Dec 2017 17:06


How about words with multiple meanings? This is a rich area to explore since English is a wild and crazy language.

Scale (Fish type, measurement, proportional type of scale)
Racket (Tennis, noise, criminal activity)
Season (Yearly, spice, aged)
Buckle (latch, crumple)
Solution (answer, liquid)
Grave (serious, burial)

...and the list goes on

12. 25 Dec 2017 13:06



I've added 'Season' as the next showcase. Not sure how/where to explain the different possible meanings - any ideas?

13. 25 Dec 2017 23:41


Ahhh here's joy.... ambiguity = creativity!
Season as part of Nature's cycle (Winter or a yearned for Spring)...
Season as flavor enhanced with herbs & spices (well seasoned salad)...
Season as aging (wood & wine improve over a few years if held properly)...
Season as growth in experience (young apprentice vs seasoned craftsman)...

14. 21 Jan 2018 10:00


i think it would be nice to have a showcase on winter, since we've had so much snow recently?

15. 21 Jan 2018 10:24


well! winter is one of the 4 seasons!!!!

16. 21 Jan 2018 10:25


by the way Qsilv, nice profile pic!!XD i love it!!!

17. 23 Jan 2018 04:25


thank you for the winter showcase!!!!!!!!!!!! XD