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1. 26 Aug 2016 07:41


hej this is fin for now I said and thats how it must be for now. and for some time. I am still very week in my body and a bit in my mind. it does not remember I am not dement. I guess, but I have been very far from reality and the Little Worldthat used to be mine was lost. now its coming back day by day. and to do that I must keep all the tempting other focusses away. but this night I just had to. so I did.and at first I told me dont submit.thats too confusing. but this day I just had to. you are my friends and we love art in the same way. so you shall understand me. but I also ask you now to believe me, and Thus help me keep my promise to life. so it was the last one pick for some time. and the rest of what we do in here. all the commenting and voting and all it is to be here. must wait.I must see to have back a body that is not so thin as when in the camps and it is now. but I have begun a very strict way to have meals not just sometimes but every day. even some days now twice. for the first time in fifty yrs. thats my plan. and I love life, and I am egils mor and he too went Down this Winter. only now he too is coming up. he had to break off his studyings last bit. and we have no contact yet. since january. but he and his mate and I are doing our best to make it happen. love is a huge Word, but its in friendship also.isnt it..hej from linka

2. 27 Aug 2016 02:39


My dearest friend
My heart is broken and I cry a lot for you. I can't even try to imagine what you are going thru. Always remember I'm with you in the Spirit, holding your hand and talking with you. I feel your pain. Many thanks for still let us know how you are doing, even if it is hard. Your little letters are like a candle in the dark and please keep on trying.
Always a friend

3. 30 Aug 2016 23:37


First I was going to say how nice it is to hear from you (both of you), even though I had nothing to add of my own... Then I realized that Linka's words pretty well describe the state I'm in a lot of the time (different specifics but the same general idea maybe), but rather than getting into any of that, it would make sense to say, thanks for being there and for putting into words (not just now but often in the past too) thoughts and feelings that deserve a hearing—tho it's so much easier to leave them in silence and pretend they'll be gone by tomorrow.
Let your little world reassemble itself and enjoy all you can as much as you can.
all the best

4. 10 Sep 2016 14:50


Words cannot express the sympathy and hope that I have for you, Linka. You are very strong.

5. 12 Sep 2016 18:40


Hi linka. How much strenght and bravery in your words.
Hold on, I believe in you!