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1. 1 Sep 2013 13:22


I think it's time to collect here all the pics that was after, or inspired, or homaging this great artist. we can gate them here, except the "starry night" theme wich already has its own gallery here:

So, here the sunflowers:

by kernowman
by Clorophilla
by Nata

cafe terrace:

by jazzlet
by five

self portraits:

by solange62
by graham
by Clorophilla

yellow sheafs:

by Clorophilla
by kiniplay2

there two by Burgandy have to be lined horizontally:
here it it the right part,
the left,


by shanley,

by five

by Gingerninja,

by jazzlet

by login,

by makimakifish,

not copies, but just inspired (in the style of V.V.G.):

by Marg
by 15marthkh

by goletho

by robincr81, after Hundertwasser who was after VVG:

2. 24 Sep 2013 17:12


Again sunflowers, by Idrawstuffs

poppies, by Vals

sunset, by mdawcrn

mulberry tree, by Vals

3. 24 Sep 2013 17:25


another self portrait, by Hjjr

4. 10 Dec 2013 20:12


by Bugoy!

5. 11 Dec 2013 18:38


by priya

6. 14 Dec 2013 07:15


7. 14 Dec 2013 07:18


8. 21 Dec 2013 04:46


four versions of walled garden at St-Remy:
pictureId=197879 ureId=100565 re.php?
and cedars:

9. 21 Dec 2013 04:47


I had a feeling I mighta forgot how this works... oh well

10. 21 Dec 2013 04:50


trying again...

11. 26 Dec 2013 03:38


12. 8 May 2014 09:05


sunflowers inspired by V.V.G, by Bugoy

13. 9 May 2014 21:21


Thank you for building this gallery clorophilla. Just wanted to note that "The Sower" diptych is by mrozowski (not Burgandy), though the links would have taken you to the correct page.

14. 30 Oct 2014 23:44


My attempt at depicting the master in the space theme.

15. 1 Nov 2014 00:10


Another addition to the gallery

16. 3 Nov 2014 09:38


This is Van Gogh's "Potato Eaters". It is one of his earlier works. Vincent wanted to portray the people he had been ministering to earlier. When he was sacked from the ministry, he continued to admire the hard work and humble ideals of the workers. He said, "You see, I really have wanted to make it so that people get the idea that these folk, who are eating their potatoes by the light of their little lamp, have tilled the earth themselves with these hands they are putting in the dish, and so it speaks of manual labor and — that they have thus honestly earned their food. I wanted it to give the idea of a wholly different way of life from ours — civilized people. So I certainly don’t want everyone just to admire it or approve of it without knowing why."

17. 3 Nov 2014 23:55


I didn't see Five's "Night Cafe", so I'm adding it.

18. 9 Nov 2014 11:55


Irises by Vincent

19. 5 Dec 2014 19:27


20. 8 Dec 2014 10:41